The elven House Istarion ruled over the Kingdom of Lath for 10,000 years, until the day a Gaian man rose up in rebellion and overthrew the longest-standing dynasty Am’Theran had ever known.

150 years later, House Goding rules Lath with an iron fist. To the east, the powerful and hungry Chiandal Empire swells beyond its borders as its power-hungry emperor seeks to rule the world. To the north, the 100-year civil war in the daemon-haunted lands of Blackreach threatens to spill over into Lath, while advancing glaciers and a shifting climate drive Svardic raiders to seek their fortunes along the southern coasts.

A new Goding king ascends the Lathian throne and tensions between elves and gaians are higher than ever. As King Ulfric begins his rule, a secret search for the last Istarion heir begins in earnest. Some seek to end the line of Goding kings and return Lath to elven rule, while others seek to kill the heir and remove the last threat to the Goding dynasty.


The Innerworld Saga is a fantasy series following the paths of three unlikely companions as they try to make their way in a harsh and unforgiving world. One is the heir to a fallen dynasty, one a witch in a land where magic is forbidden and the last a disgraced son of a fallen monarch.